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Drones Sell Houses adds a unique advantage to traditional real estate listings by offering dynamic aerial photographs and videos that capture the true beauty of your listed property. Imagine driving down the street, up the driveway, and approaching the front door… virtually! We can offer this in person experience with our drone technology.

If your listing is a large property or has a pool, our photos can showcase these features better than any camera on the ground. Want to see the mountains and lakes surrounding the house, or see the community from up in the air? We can help! Our videos excite potential buyers by showing off the listing’s features in an eye catching and attention grabbing perspective.

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Our mission is to provide real estate professionals the means to sell more homes by capturing the attention of potential buyers through engaging and cutting-edge aerial photography, video and interactive media.


The owner, Christian Licciardi, fell in love with drone photography and is always looking for breathtaking landscapes and opportunities to fly his drone.  Christian originally purchased a drone to document fishing trips and the nature surrounding those great catches.  Shortly thereafter, he was using his drone to advertise construction projects, take photos of friends and family, and to help his friends who were realtors showcase their listings.  With a background of real estate, Christian found a niche market where his passion for drone flying can help realtors by catching the attention and interest of potential buyers with exciting aerial photos!

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Drones Sell Houses offers aerial photos and videos of real estate properties. Day or night, photos or videos, we have skilled drone pilots that can deliver professional grade media for your listing. We have a suite of packages available, from basic overhead photos, to complete website design and drone media content for your listing.





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All photos will be high definition and enhanced. Additional charges for travel may apply.

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